One of the definitions of a Banjar is a communal space for villagers to get together to work on all sorts of activities from music, arts, prepping offerings and ceremonies. In this space the youth gets knowledge and skills passed down by the elders and it is one part of the culture that is a fascination to many. In Banjar Campout we would like to introduce the same principles of creating a space for music, art and workshops that all participants can be a part of and sharing their skills, not only taking the experience but also giving back to the community and the land we all came to live and love.  

One of the main highlights of the 2 day and 1 night of this campout will be the music as we bring together all the different DJ collective groups in Indonesia. But also a very essential part of the event is to try and maintain our awareness to the waste that we create.  Our vision is to create a model of a safe and clean experience for everyone and the land. Many of the workshops that Banjar Campout will present is to help spread that awareness.